Real nerd props!

It is just evolutionary sense that you hear a lot of women say that they are attracted to nerds, dorks, and geeks. Back in the old days, old being 80’s and beyond, women were supposed to be attracted to the brawny and not the brainy. It mattered still that your man was fit and could provide. Fit in the way that you wanted to bare their children so you’d have healthy and strong offspring that could fend for themselves and grow up to hunt and provide and thus continue the great circle of life.

In this age, a lot of women are starting to realize that the proper man to seek out, that one who is there to provide, is no longer the brawny but the brainy. We live in the days of technology and science. They realize this and then say “I like nerds, they’re hot.”. MOST are wrong. They are looking at those aforementioned brawny men dressed in costume or they are only “geek chic” dressed men. At first glance they are attracted to the possibility of being with a man who is very intelligent.

Sorry, that is only a model thinking he's a geek.

So what is my view on nerds? I love them! The real nerds and not the geeks. Yeah they are skinny, cowards, socially awkward, and typically have a host of health problems. I find them absolutely adorable! You nerd boys are smart, can keep up with me on the computer and help me with video games! I won’t even start on what excellent boyfriends they make. Nerds are loyal and are more than eager to please!

I found this info-graphic that’s very popular that’ll help you distinguish which I like best. It’s the nerd. (click on the photo to see the site where you can make it larger)

-Dana Wilson


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