My yummy, EASY, “Faux Fudge” treat!

So a long time ago I found a recipe for something they called “two ingredient fudge”. It wasn’t that good or really fudge. They used strawberry flavors and personally I was appalled they would sully the good name of FUDGE! lol I improved upon this idea yet sadly I can’t find the original recipe and I’m sorry.

What you need:
Peanut butter flavored chips (1 bag)
White  chocolate chips (1 bag)
Chocolate cake frosting (1 jar)
Milk (splash)
Vanilla extract (splash)

Milk ingredient not picture because I’m a dummy! lol

Dump out the frosting into a medium mixing bowl and set aside. In a medium sauce pan, pour out both bags of chips. Add a tiny splash of both vanilla and milk into the chips and setting the heat to low, melt those chips! After they are melted together, pour it out into your bowl of frosting and mix together. Line a 9×9 metal cooking dish with wax paper/parchment paper and pour the mixture in. Set in freezer for approximately an hour. Easy peasy faux fudgeasy!

Ready for the freezer!

I am warning you, it is soooo good yet only try small pieces because it’s very rich! Get a bunch a milk to go with it. lol Enjoy!


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