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Pintrest Post: Glowing Mt. Dew? It doesn’t work!!

So there are loads of popular pins on Pinterest that get re-pinned over and over again and I am featuring one today. Most of my Pinterest Posts are about the pins that I find, try and enjoy or used. However, this post will be about one that is totally FAKE!

Glowing Mt. Dew

Glowing Mt. Dew how-to?

Now this has been proven on other websites that this project is indeed fake. The video showing how to make this bottle of glowing Mt. Dew with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide has been altered somehow to show that it does work. You can find it here. I can guarantee first hand now that this how-to does NOT work and it is a hoax to mess with or troll people. Why? I don’t know. But I sure wasted time and a tiny bit of money trying this out. Ha-ha they sure got me! *eye roll*

So please do me a favor, stop re-pinning this particular project on Pinterest (like my use of alliteration? LOL). Pin this one instead!! Share how it is fake, not how cool it sounds or might be! Please pass on knowledge and encourage others to re-pin for a less ignorant internet!! Huz-ah!!
-Dana Wilson


Pinterest Posts-“Clean Clouds”

Today’s Pinterest Post is about a fun project called “Clean Clouds”. It’s super fun and cheap to make. I mean it guys, VERY fun!! More fun than playdoh or moondoh or any of those other dohs! SERIOUSLY!

Skeptical baby Taylor is skeptical.


I did this with my kiddo and I had a blast squishing this texturey stuff and throwing it at one another (never letting it get too close because there is soap in it and we don’t want it in the eyes now!). Taylor thought it was great too and enjoyed the process of making it and I loved the benefit of having clean and soft hands afterwards. I found it on Pinterest and it linked me over to Play At Home Mom LLC‘s blog. There are very good instructions on how to make it there but all you need is a regular bar of soap, a roll of toilet paper, and water. Enjoy!


-Dana Wilson

Pinterest Post-Make your own Febreze!

So loads of us have been on or heard of this addiction to the website called Pintrest. Loads of us will pin things and then pay them no mind later on. I have been trying to do as much of it as I can and I plan on posting blogs about them so you can hear first hand from me  about them. I’ll call them “Pinterest Posts”.

Our first Pinterest post is about making your own Febreze which I found via Fake-It Frugal.

I bought some cheapy cheap fabric softener at Wal-mart for $2.89 and I always keep loads of baking soda around for multiple uses so making this was a snap! It was super easy, cheap and useful! I made some just moments ago and sprayed up the house. Now I am liking this home made stuff much more than the brand named Febreze. At first Febreze was this amazing cure all for stuffy, stale and gross smelling rooms. However, lately I’ve noticed that it’s turned into this overwhelming room perfume. Yick! This stuff I just made has made the rooms of the house smell fresh, clean with only a hint of a lavender smell (due to the lavender scented fabric softener I chose).

You can find the exact recipe and instructions on the website I provided above. Let me know if you used it and if you agree with me! 🙂 Enjoy!

-Dana Wilson