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I love my family!

So my family has come together to help me with a problem I have dealing with severe TMJ problems. I am needing surgery and I am so happy that they are working so hard to help raise the funds for this. I can’t say how blessed I am that these people in my life have done this wonderful thing for me. Anywho, my cousin put this website/blog together to raise everyone’s awareness about what’s going on and to have people donate. I’d love for you to take a look at all the hard work he did! Click the link below the photo!

Hope you read all about it and can appreciate what they are trying to do for me as much I do! Thanks!


First blog Test

Testing how this will look and trying out the features. I added a picture of me for fun to see how it worked. So far I’m enjoying this blogging thing and I’m getting the hang of it! Thanks for stopping by!!