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Transformation movies?

First things first; I am not a girly girl. I don’t cry at movies or tv, I hate going shopping, and my favorite movies list hardly contains “chick flicks”. HOWEVER! I have this weird obsession with movies where the main character goes through some sort of magical transformation or super amazing make over. Some of the following I just love; “13 Going On 30”, “Pretty Woman”, and of course

"Princess Diaries"

For the longest time I never even realized why I liked these films. I knew for certain that it wasn’t the actual lovey dovey romantic factor of them. I also knew it wasn’t the style of film or the people in them. Then it hit me! It hit me like the front side of a barn. Ouch! It’s the actual fact that a woman/girl gets to go through this wonderful, easy, and amazing transformation from the ugly to the beautiful.

Oh dear readers, this is only the tip of the ice burg when I say that I have REALLY low self-image. Not in the typical female fashion of “I wish my wrists were more pretty. I’M SO UGLY!” kind of way or something just as silly. I mean it’s really poor. I look in the mirror and

I feel the need to do this!

Then I get asked if I loved those plastic surgery shows like “Extreme Makeover” or “The Swan”. Meh. I really did at first. In fact I wanted nothing more to be on those shows. I dreamed about it like mad. Sadly I couldn’t be on those shows so in turn I started to get really bitter and angry every time those were on. Oh yeah, I was jealousies bitch. It was just too real and in my face. These movies that I’m talking about aren’t messy, in-depth, or real. Either someone just needs to get a flat-iron or a fairy Godmother and BAM! they’ve gone from ugly Betty to a fab Bambi!

Of course along the way the main character who undergoes this¬†grandiose¬†switch on the outside also “finds themselves” along the way and it’s a happy ending. I’m not just obsessed with looking awesome on the outside, I too want to “find myself” here people! HAHA Don’t you see the hilarity here?! Well, I do!
Here’s to your happy ending and any weird movie obsessions you may have! Cheers!

-Dana Wilson